Aug 2013

This, that and other things

JULY 3, 2016

My daughter and I took a week long trip to Houston and had a great time. We visited the Space Center, Art Museum, ate some incredible food (nothing like Japanese barbecue on Father’s Day) and had a great convention at Comicpalooza. Apparently Sigourney Weaver thought my Aliens print was “awesome” and Bill Paxton said “this is so fucking cool.” I can definitely hear him saying that!

MAY 30, 2016

Well. My wonderful daughter is now 18. And graduated high school as a scholar (walked in white). She is off to a prestigious private university for Engineering on a huge scholarship! If she can maintain a high GPA in college, it may be totally paid for. That makes Daddy very happy and proud ;) I love her so much. Damn, when did I get old?????

APRIL 30, 2016

OKAY THE COOLEST THING HAPPENED! I was sitting at my booth on the last day of Indiana Comic Con. It was slow (lunch time) and I was at my computer working on a picture, keeping busy. A group of 7 people walk up to me. I am still looking at my screen when a man says “Are you the artist responsible for this work?” I look up at him and say, “yeahhhhh…” Then I see next to him LEA THOMPSON from Back to the Future! She says “Hi! I was looking for you. I love your Back to the Future poster! Will you sign one for meeeee? I’ll sign one for you!” Of course I said yes! We also took some pictures (and she gave me a squeeze while taking the pic….that was a thrill haha). Definitely the highlight of the weekend. The month lol.

MARCH 28, 2016

It was a fantastic trip to California! WonderCon was a hit. I got to see my high school best friend two nights. Warner Bros. Studio Tour and the local cuisine and sights. I am doing this again next year!

MARCH 14, 2016

The project has awoken……Big news….My new Pop Art series for the Original Star Wars Trilogy will debut at Wonder Con in Los Angeles March 25-27th! My first time in California! I am taking an extra couple of days so I can see the sights. I can’t wait.

JANUARY 30, 2016

New Orleans is in the books! A beautiful suite at the Embassy Suites. Great cajun seafood at Mulate’s. Jazz music live. Seeing good friends and making money :) A new project I have been working on will be presented soon!

Tee shirts with my designs are now available on tee Just look for AlAbbazia to see my store.

DECEMBER 18, 2015

Ugh my beloved New York Mets did not win the World Series. But, at least they made it there and are the NL Champs :) Next year!

But, Star Wars The Force Awakens is here! Loved the movie and got to take my daughter on Opening Night. I will also be at the Regal Waterford Lakes with free Star Wars prints for some lucky patrons.

Done with all shows for 2015. Ready for a relaxing XMas vacation. 2 weeks off!


Dragon Con Atlanta is here again! We drove all night and checked in to our hotel. Trader Vic’s was good. Pacific Rim Bistro the next night blew it out of the water. Yum! Sales are up and meeting a lot of new people (while seeing old friends and fans). Last day is tomorrow and about to crash!

JULY 29, 2015

My Summer is leaving me! The charity gig was fun but over. Most of my vacation is gone lol. Some shows have come and gone. Turns out Admiral Ackbar (it’s a trap!) from Star Wars is a fan of my work so we definitely did a trade. Met the Dynamic Duo Adam West and Burt Ward and Tampa Bay Comic Con is in a couple of days. I need a nap.

MAY 31, 2015

Spooky Empire was a mixed convention. But, on a high note…a couple that bought my new Ghostbusters print from me went to go get Ernie Hudson to sign it. He liked it so much, he asked where he could find me. Later that night, he came over. I gave him a print and he signed one for me. What a super nice guy! Ghostbuster approved! Check another item off that bucket list! A picture of us together is on my Facebook and Instagram profiles.

School is over in a few days! Here comes Summer! I will be at the Orlando Toy and Comic Con, Daytona Comic Con, Walker Stalker (the AMC walking dead convention), FanBoy Expo and Tampa Bay Comic Con. And I’ll be at Regal Theaters at Waterford lakes for their charity Stars of Hope on selected weekends. Say hi if you see me.

APRIL 15, 2015

Mega Con was a huge success once again. Thank you to all those who bought artwork and said hi! And a nice compliment through some people from Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus about my Walking Dead print :) Regal Theaters was nice enough to ask me to do some pieces this Summer for their charity again. I am working on an Ultron print for the Avengers 2 premiere at Regal Waterford Lakes. I’ll be signing in the lobby Friday and Saturday nights, as well as selling my other work.

FEBRUARY 20, 2015

New Orleans was a blast except for catching the flu on the last day. Good convention but even better luck at the poker table at Harrah’s. Thank you “Mister drinking Bud and bluffing all night.” It’s nice to have all of his chips!

DECEMBER 31, 2014

Some more shows and shoots finish out the year. Sorry I haven’t been on this much. Life gets busy! Off to a New Years party tonight with my best girl (my daughter of course) for poker and fun with friends! Ready for 2015!

AUGUST 25, 2014

It’s been awhile…again. We went to Philadelphia for Wizard World, sold a lot, met Christopher Lloyd (DOC!) and made a two week vacation out of it, also visiting New York and Jersey. We hunted for the best cheesesteak in Philly (the winner? A privately owned place about the size of my living room). Saw family and friends of course. New York Pizza and bagels. My daughter got a kick out of riding the subway and seeing Times Square for the first time. We saw Chicago on Broadway (fantastic) and had the best thin crust pizza at Angelina’s (right next to where Letterman tapes). As always, I saw my Mets and they won the game 10-1 (while enjoying a Nathan’s hot dog and fries).

We came home and did Tampa Bay Comic Con and Florida Comics Experience. My charity gig at Regal Theaters came to a close and we raised over $11,000 for charity I was told. They were so gracious and wonderful people to work with.

We leave for Atlanta in a few days to sell at Dragon Con! First time! See you all later….and all that jazz ;)

JUNE 24, 2014

It’s been awhile! Busy busy! Galaxy Con in Tampa. Orlando Toy and Comic Con. Just finished up the Wizard World show in Philadelphia with my daughter! We had a great time. Fantastic meeting Christopher Lloyd, a lot of new fans and seeing old friends again. We’re in New Jersey and New York on vacation for another week or so. We’ll be back in time for the Transformers premiere and my new print will be on hand at Regal Cinemas for charity.

Some new prints lately have been based on Pacific Rim, the Incredibles, Star Wars and a few “super” martini girls.

MAY 26, 2014

I’m honored to have had Regal Cinemas ask me to do charity prints for the premieres of Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent. I was on hand for a few weekends to sign prints people bought. All proceeds went to Stars of Hope, Regal’s charity that benefits St. Jude’s Hospitals and Boys and Girls Clubs. I’m appearing on select days at Regal Movie theaters in Orlando including Waterford Lakes and the Loop. If you come out, please stop and say hi!

APRIL 24, 2014

MegaCon, my most successful convention to date! Thank you everyone for coming out. Thanks to my daughter once again for being the best assistant. Some shows since then too. Big ones coming up this Summer….making the trip to Philadelphia for WIZARD WORLD. My daughter and I are making a vacation out of it, hitting up New York and New Jersey too. Onwards and upwards!

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

All recovered! And during my break from shooting, I started to draw again using Copic Sketch Markers (also using some paint and digital effects to finish some of the new pieces off). You can find the new ones under Retro Futuristic. A lot of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and some Galaxy prints. I’m having a blast doing them. Convention season is starting up again so I hope to see many of you out there from Miami to Atlanta. I may even hit up the Carolinas this year.

DECEMBER 12, 2013

Due to my upcoming surgery, I am putting all shows and photoshoots on hiatus until the new year. Be well my friends and have a great holiday season!

NOVEMBER 1, 2013

The Kickstarter project is done for now lol. Just was not going to make goal. But, I learned a lot being my first project on there. I plan to relaunch again in the New Year!

In the meantime look for more art and another convention before year’s end.

OCTOBER 12, 2013

The Kickstarter project is live! Yes, time to release my first book of pin-ups. Go to and look for “Vintage Vixens- the pin-up art of Al Abbazia.” Numerous rewards are ready for your donations! Thanks!!!!!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Thank you to Green Mustard Entertainment and everyone who came out to help make Pinupalooza 2013 a success. Congrats to Samantha Sweets for winning Miss Pinupalooza and to all the other girls who had a great showing. And again, thank you for having me as a Guest.

Some new credits. Published again in Pin-up Perfection Magazine, Luscious Ladies and Delicious Dolls (all pin-up publications).

Six cons in six months. I am tired! Had some great shoots this month and some new creations for the Carnevale Series including the Joker, Batgirl and Superman.

AUGUST 27, 2013

It was a great weekend at Comic Con. Thanks to my assistant Jorge and booth mate Jennie Crumpler! We had fun. Special thanks to everyone I saw at the event as well. A big big special moment thanks to the great George Perez. I first met George years ago at a convention of sorts. Since then, I have seen him at shows and spoken to him now and then. I gave him one of my Wonder Woman pin ups (Wonder Woman The Golden Age) as a special thanks to him for being such a big influence on me when I started to learn how to draw as a kid. He then gave me a Teen Titans print signed with a personal inscription. I could not be happier. Thank you Sir!

Pinupalooza on September 7th!

AUGUST 24, 2013

Busy busy. Finished series one and two of my Carnevale Series. I did a small, but fun convention in Melbourne. Thanks to Green Mustard Entertainment for offering me a free booth for the event. I did a few ads for them that are in the Orlando Weekly for… guessed it….Pinupalooza 2013. I was asked by them to be a featured guest artist and I accepted of course. It will be on Saturday September 7th at the International Palms Resort. Come on out for the fun. I will be hosting a workshop and judging the Miss Pinupalooza contest :) I hope to see you there.

Right now, I’m writing from Tampa. I’m at Tampa Bay Comic Con, booth 612. Come on out if you’re in the area!

JULY 24, 2013

It’s been a crazy Summer. The highlight is all the extra time I get to spend with my daughter. We make a great team. She came with me to Miami for Florida Supercon and we had a blast. Superheroes, artists, celebrities, sushi, seafood and cuban food. Who could ask for more? A lot of great shoots with my fantastic models also helped make this Summer great. I started a new series based on a concept I had. I call it “Carnevale di Avventura.” Imagine the DC heroes but in 1904. I use a lot of vintage designs with a splash of steampunk for some characters. Others have a great, vintage Circus flair to them.

JUNE 24, 2013
E 24, 2013
Lois Lane: The Golden Age and Wonder Woman: The Golden Age are my two newest creations, set to debut at Supercon Fourth of July weekend in Miami. I've been on a pin-up meets Art Deco kick lately.

"Man of Steel" was fantastic by the way. And I got to see New Kids on the Block in concert with Emily and Angie. After 25 years they're still going strong. I was the sixth member of NKOTB back in the day till I was pulled from the group by my parents ;) Thanks for the tickets Angie! Muah!

JUNE 6, 2013

Toon Revue is Saturday, July 6th at ACME Superstore in Longwood. It's the third show of their new ACME Studios Gallery. The art will be hanging all month. I'll be displaying "GI Joe", "Iron Man" and "Wonder Woman." Sadly, I won't be at the Artist Reception. I'll be in Miami for my annual trek to Supercon with my daughter as my wonderful assistant.

A special Happy Birthday wish to my Mom, Sally. Looking younger every day. And let us never forget the sacrifice a bravery of the Allied troops on D-Day in 1944. We are in a debt we can never repay.

Big announcement still coming about a new project.

Midnight show of "Man of Steel" next week!!!!!!

MAY 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, Emily. I can't believe she's fifteen. I feel old lol. I remember everything about the day she was born.

The Orlando Comic Expo was a bust, but for every success, there's going to be a setback. At least Emily got to meet Drake Bell, get a picture with him, his autograph and hear him sing. She was thrilled. When he was by my table later that day, he remembered her name when I showed him the picture and thanked him.

Star Wars artwork still hanging up at Acme for another week. Stop by.

New pictures include "Harley Quinn" with Daisy Day and some great Hawaiian shots we got. Big announcement coming soon!

MAY 2, 2013

The Star Wars Art Show is this Saturday, May 4th at ACME Superstore in Longwood. It's the Grand Opening of their new ACME Studios Gallery. The art will be hanging all month. Come and meet me and the other artists for the Artist Reception from 7-9pm. It's also Free Comic Book Day :)

APRIL 18, 2013

Some fun news.
Fox 35 did a story on the Pin-up shoot I was part of last month. A tour is going on for charity. Fox picked the picture I did of lovely Pepper Mint atop an old airplane as their main image for the story. I placed my name in the right spot lol. It was right across the screen. The next morning I was getting texts from people saying they saw me on the news. I thought I was in trouble for a second! A big thanks to everyone who was a part of the event. A special thanks to Angie (Pepper) for being such a wonderful muse. I love ya!

Tonight is my daughter's latest dance recital. I am so proud of her and love her so much.

What else? Let's see.

New picture:
Dixon Brothers, a fun homage to one of my favorite shows, "The Walking Dead." Some new shots with lovely Michelle Lakis including "Let's go Mets" and "Bad Medicine." Always wonderful to not only collaborate, but to hang out with her.

A new commission:
"Same Bat-time…", a tribute to the 60s Batman TV show. Yeah, it was campy and corny but I loved that show as a kid. I had such a crush on Julie Newmar (she was Catwoman). I think I still do…..

See you at the
Star Wars Art Show at Acme in two weeks!

APRIL 15, 2013

My heart goes out to all those affected in the Boston tragedy. The world is really a sick place. May peace find the victims and their families. And justice to those who planned and executed this horrific act.

MARCH 24, 2013

MegaCon was incredible. Thank you to everyone who came out. It was my most successful show, so once again, thank you. I had a great shoot with the pretty Rachel Nelson the other day. So much fun. And she's my "Dorothy" in my Oz series. I really love how it turned out. I'm helping Rachel come up with a pin-up model name. Rachel LaRue has a nice ring to it.

MARCH 7, 2013

I finally did my first "Oz" image. I guess "Wicked" inspired me to get off my butt and do it. The model is one of my muses, Miss Pepper Mint and I chose the Wicked Witch of the West to do first. After it being on Facebook for an hour, I had two models contact me about being Dorothy :)

I look forward to seeing a lot of friends and making some new ones at the MuderCity Pin-up Shoot in Geneva this Sunday.

MARCH 4, 2013

I saw "Wicked" (again) and it gets better each time I see it. It's still in Orlando for another week so go see it! My daughter loved it. And for a donation to the AIDS Foundation after the show, we got a poster signed by the entire cast. They also have other great ways of saying thank you for any donations. On the professional front, I've been asked to be part of a Star Wars show on May 4th at Acme Studios. MegaCon will be here in two weeks. Add to that the Orlando Comic Expo and Florida Supercon this Summer. It'll keep me busy ;)

FEBRUARY 7, 2013

Only two days until the big art show in Sanford. There will be over 70 artists represented. A big thanks to
Frankie Messina and Apartment E and the folks at the Imperial for hosting the event. I was asked to have a small table of extra work there so an extra thanks to you Frankie. As far as a new picture, check out "G.I. Joe" with Pepper Mint, one of my muses as Scarlett. On a personal note, big kudos to my daughter for another wonderful dance recital and for making honor roll. She's so talented and such a hard worker.

JANUARY 31, 2013

Happy New Year my friends. A lot going on. Some new Star Wars Commissions and the
Cheshire Cat with Mary Mint, the latest addition to the Wonderland Series. My next appearance will be at "Bad Art Show" (gotta love the title) in Sanford, Florida on February 9th. The location is The Imperial in downtown historic Sanford. Beer, wine and cocktails will be served. If you're in the area, come on down!

DECEMBER 29, 2012

The holidays have been crazy. But, I found some time to create some new work. First there's "Red Squadron" with the wonderful Anastasia Wolf, a pin-up recruitment poster for all you Star Wars fans out there. And "Casino Royale", a 60s style poster for one of my favorite James Bond movies. May you all be safe and I will see you in 2013.


OCTOBER 14, 2012

Pinupalooza was a great success. I had a fantastic time giving two panels about pin up photography and photoshop techniques. It's always a treat to see friends and make some new ones as well. I want to especially thank Pepper Mint, Mary Mint, Tom Croom and his fantastic Green Mustard Entertainment Staff. I also want to thank those who came out and made the event special. I look forward to Pinupalooza 2013.

OCTOBER 4, 2012

Pinupalooza is just two days away at the International Resort Palms on International Drive in Orlando! Besides having my art there, I will host two panels about pin up photography shooting and photoshop techniques. I'll also be one of the judges for the Miss Pinupalooza 2012 Contest. Yeah, I have a tough life.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

It's official! I have been asked to be the Artist Guest of Honor at Pinupalooza 2012! So exciting! Check out the website, Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE: Yep, it's official. Saturday October 6th at the International Palms in Orlando. And thank you Green Mustard Entertainment for the two nights hotel, food and my vendor fees taken care of :) I like being a special guest! I am creating the official print for the convention as well and will limit it to only 22 pieces. They will all be signed and numbered. Get them before they're gone.

Plus, new prints: Check out the creepy "Joker", sexy "French Martini" and "Saturn Tours" with my girls, Mary and Pepper!


It's official! I have been asked to be the Artist Guest of Honor at Pinupalooza 2012! So exciting! Check out the website, Stay tuned for more details!

AUGUST 23, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI!!!!! Yes, I am psyched. And the kid in me can't wait to meet Mark Hamill.

UPDATE: My daughter and I met Mark Hamill and he did the Joker voice for us. He rocked (and so did the convention)! Plus new Star Wars prints under Sci Fi/Fantasy ;)

JULY 27, 2012

Still recovering from Supercon :) It was a great convention. I even had the lovely Nikki Clyne (Callie from Battlestar Galactica) come up to my table and complimented my work. We had a great talk (she was soooo cute). My daughter found new ways for me to spend money in Miami when it comes to Crab Legs, met some great people and cosplayers, but it was good to come home.

JUNE 28, 2012

Tomorrow's the big day! Heading to Florida Supercon in Miami for three nights! I'll have a table in Artist's Alley and will be debuting two new prints: The Passion of the Phoenix (starring Lyn Adams) and Colonial Marines (starring Angie and Chris)! If you're there, come by, say hi and pull up a chair. I look forward to seeing other artists and their fabulous work as well.

Special thanks to my assistant and talented daughter who helped me mat pictures and prep for the show. She'll also be there with me! Add to that I had a wonderful Father's Day watching her dance recital (tap, ballet, hip hop). I could not ask for more :)

JUNE 18, 2012

Tonight is the night! Thanks to your votes and the committee, my work will be shown tonight in Times Square, NY as part of the "Art Takes Times Square" event. Thank you and please continue to support the arts wherever you are.

You can view it on the web at http://seeme/june18th between 7 and 7:30pm.

MAY 23, 2012

Come on out tonight to "Soft Exposure" and say hi! I was asked to be the featured artist for May at this great Poetry and Spoken Word Event at Infusion in College Park.

MAY 1, 2012

Convention season is coming again for Martini Avenue. Check back here for my latest convention appearances!

MARCH 28, 2012

What a busy month it's been. New shoots with Lyn "Fallyn Angel" (tweedle dee and dum), Pepper Mint (March Hare), JEM Model and Tammy Jean. My Mad Tea Party scene is getting there. I still have to create a Cheshire Cat, White Queen and Knave of Hearts. Keep checking back my friends.

FEBRUARY 19, 2012

Had a blast at MegaCon yesterday! Tom Felton was a gentleman and called my daughter "sweetheart." She smiled all day. My hat off to all of the cosplay folks who shared their love and passion for their favorite shows and characters. I spoke with a lot of artists there (who keep bugging me to get my booth for next year) and got some great advice. As of today, there is a new section on the website: OPEN EDITION prints that start at $50. And a lower price on the Limited Edition Prints for 2012. As Doc Brown would say, "Great Scott!"

FEBRUARY 7, 2012

Working on the
Mad Tea Party scene little by little. New versions of Alice, the Queen, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter are complete! One of my muses, Pepper Mint will be the ever so judgmental March Hare! The creative Lyn Adams will be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with an outfit she just put together. Dormouse (Mr. Jingles) is all done. Cheshire Cat and the White Queen will be shot within two weeks. And lastly, yours truly (yep, me), will be the devious Knave of Hearts lol. Keep checking back!

JANUARY 5, 2012

I just shot Playboy model and all around great girl,
Stephy C during her travels through Florida. Not only did we get some great shots, but I think I am molding a pin up diva in the process ;) And we got to go out and grab some Oreo chocolate heath bar ice cream cake thing around 11:30pm lol (you were right Stephy, it was good).

DECEMBER 30, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivus! Some fantastic shoots this week with the lovely
Edain Eternal (who I have missed and not seen since she moved) and the wonderful Erin Micklow from Los Angeles. More pin-up to come. Have a great New Year!

DECEMBER 3, 2011

The great people over at
"The Pin-up Files" ( want to showcase my work along with some other great pin up artists and photographers of today! It should be up in a week or so. Come on over and visit.

OCTOBER 30, 2011

Great turn out last night at
Baby Grand's Dueling Pianos on Church Street for the Halloween party and show! Special thanks to the owners and organizers of the show. Kudos to the dancers, piano players and other artists there.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Next show is going to be a big one....
Baby Grand's Dueling Pianos on Church Street - Wednesday September 28th. Starts at 8pm and all the entertainment starts at 9!

AUGUST 6, 2011

Big turnout for the show last night. Special thanks to my gorgeous models and friends
Erica Dean, Cami, Stephanie and everyone else who made it out!

AUGUST 1, 2011

My next show is at
Substance Gallery, located on Mills, downtown Orlando on August 5th. I'll be there with some other great artists and musicians. Starts at 9pm. Admission - $5 to benefit the American Cancer Society. Be there!

JULY 29, 2011

Just finished a new picture,
"South Beach" with the wonderful Rosalind Friday. Background pictures taken on a fun trip to Miami. I love this one.

JULY 1, 2011

Featured in the new issue of
Fashion Frenzy Magazine. Kudos to Christy Jordan, Shelby Jay, Ashley and Pepper Mint for being chosen by the editors.

JUNE 20, 2011

Great seeing Jesse Walker, Liz, Frank, Joanne and Peyton Fon-friggin-taine at OLV this week.

JUNE 2, 2011

Come on out to OLV Cafe for
Art Night Wednesdays, 6:30pm all Summer. I'll be there most Wednesdays with some local talents like Ernie Turner, Jim Little, Marcus Adkins and more. OLV is a wine bar with wonderful food and staff. It's located at 25 W. Crystal Lake St., downtown Orlando. Thank you to OLV for supporting the arts!

MAY 20, 2011

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful and talented daughter, Emily. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

MAY 14, 2011

Pepper are a good friend and a Pin-Up Goddess! I can't stop from shooting with you over and over again.
Flying to Victory is complete.

MAY 7, 2011

Fun cosplay shoot with Ashley and Jessica Steele.
Sucker Punch and Mortal Kombat....kick ass!

APRIL 30, 2011

Lexi Katt, the amazing
Catwoman and Bride of Frankenstein. A true professional and trooper during the shoot. Thanks Lexi. And yes, we picked the right boots ;)

MARCH 20, 2011

Queen of Hearts, my latest in the Wonderland Series with the gorgeous Peyton Fontaine. Off with her head!

MARCH 16, 2011

Just finished
"Blue Sky Martini" with Stephanie. Finally got it to the way I imagined it all these years.

Featured in
Pin up Perfection Magazine with the awesome talents and beauty of model Mersina Blackman and my makeup artist Nicole Patterson.

FEBRUARY 26, 2011

Great seeing Pepper, Ashley Fitzgerald, Liz, Alex, Linda and Christy Jordan at my show. Thanks for your support, guys :) Also, just finished some new images with the incredible Ashley and Peyton Fontaine.

FEBRUARY 24, 2011

Show tomorrow night at
Urban Re-think on Central Blvd, downtown Orlando. Starts at 8pm. Come on out!

JANUARY 16, 2011

Great shooting as always with Erica Dean. And of course, dinner after :) Alas, as many new images we do together, she will always be Electro-Girl to me.

JANUARY 5, 2011

A new spin on some of my old images with the retro-fabulous, Pepper Mint. Look for the new
"Cosmopolitan" and "Peppermint Martini." (Yes, I know, Pepper Mint in my Peppermint Martini shot. It just happened that way!)

JANUARY 2, 2011

What a better way to welcome the New Year with some new images. Gorgeous Daytona Beach phenom, Shelby, is
"Lady Liberty." She is also my new "American Classic." Watch for this model. She is going to be big.

DECEMBER 11, 2010

Fresh was a huge success. Thank you to Erica Dean, Joe, Joanne, Frank, Jamie, Christine, Teri, Vicki, Stacey, Mike and Jessica for their wonderful support. Special thanks to the man, Frankie Messina and apartmentE for making it happen.

OCTOBER 1, 2010

Ashley Fitzgerald is amazing. Just amazing :) Thanks for being such a great collaborator.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

"Wild Cherry Martini" and "Lady Luck" with the super cute Ashley!

Special thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes btw. Much appreciated :)